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About the area

Thracian dolmens near the village of Great Derven

The most significant findings descended from the time of Ancient Thrace in Elhovo definitely are two dolmens that are treasured in South part of the border village of Great Dervent. They were examined in 2005 and in 2007 by Deyan Dichev and by the team of Archaeological Expedition "Strandja", under the direction of the famous Bulgarian archaeologist Daniela Agre. The dolmens are megalithic structures built from a few large natural stones or from roughly shaped stone
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“Derventski Heights”

Derventski Heights "were declared a protected area by the Wild Birds Directive by Order No. RD-284 of 16.03.2010 occupies an area of 38696.50 hectares and covering the lands of populated areas - village of Vulcha Polyana, Golyam Dervent village, Granitovo village, village of Lalkovo , Lesovo village Kirilovo village Malomirovo village of Melnitsa, Razdel village, villages of Slaveykovo and Chernozem. Derventski hills are a hilly area with a mosaic of diverse habitats, located east of the river Tundzha.
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Dranchi dupka: Thracian CIRCLES near MELNITSA VILLAGE

Thracians left thousands of tracks in our land. Part of their mystical temples, sanctuaries, tombs and other constructions have been solved, others remain a mystery to this day. You can spend your life walking around Bulgaria in search and detection of signs left by our ancient ancestors, but one of the places with the highest concentration of such is undoubtedly Sakar. We are somewhere in the southeast, in no man's land. Between Sakar and the Dervent Heights.
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Nature reserve "Dolna Topchiya" is maintained reserve, which is stretches on a territory of 467.47 hectares near the town of Elhovo. You can easily reach It with a short walk from the center of Elhovo to the park walking zone. After crossing the bridge over Tundzha River you will find the beginning of the trail, marked with a red mark that leads through the most significant and scenic spots. The main objective of the protected area is
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Tomb OF Malomirovo – Zlatinitsa near Elhovo

In 2005, Grand Mound - part of the necropolis, located between the villages Malomirovo and Zlatinitsa, both near Elhovo, was discovered untouched ruler's tomb. Thracian ruler, who lived around the middle of IV century BC, died at the age of 18-20 years. In the tomb was buried its full military weapons - iron sword makhaira 200 bronze arrows, spears 7, braided iron armor, bronze helmet halkidksi type.One of the most valuable findings is silver kneepad covered with
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