Ecocenter RUMIKA, village of Malomirovo, District Yambol,Bulgaria

eco hotel Bulgaria

Ecocenter Rumika was built with great effort, desire and love for what we value most: people and nature around us. Located in the small and remote village Malomirovo, Ecocenter offers casual relaxation, comfort and recreation opportunities in an environment completely different from that to which we are so accustomed to.While many of us remember how we felt during the summers of our childhood with our grandparents, our modern radically different from those bygone days. Here we will find a natural coexistence of memories of a simpler life and the modern habits.

Browse our gallery, feel the atmosphere in the cozy rooms, the hotel garden, simple and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant and conference room.

And if you have a desire for something more, you can take a look at the opportunities for active recreation, which are hidden both in the eco center Rumika and in the region of the small village.